Remediating for 140 Characters

My topic for Cyber Social Standing is personal branding and social media marketing/influencing. As this topic is an analysis of how influencers and others are using social media there are two different types of hashtags applicable. The first are topic based hashtags, these are dependent on the brand/influencer you are interacting with/analysing. For example, if […]


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Creating Generative Value

This Hero Took Selfies With Every Single Dickhead Who Catcalled Her –   The article posted by on October 6 2017, discusses the phenom that is art project/Instagram Dear Catcallers. Now you may be wondering what this kind of Instagram has to do with social media influencing and personal branding, which you are right […]

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Why should you brand your social media self?

So let’s start by clarifying what exactly personal branding is, shall we? Personal Branding as described by Sara Kelly, in Personal Branding for Entrepreneurial Journalists and Creative Professionals is  “…about differentiation, defining what makes you and your business unique, and building a community of loyal followers based on your particular story and ability to provide relevant, useful information, items, or services.” […]

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But I am more than a brand…

I chose to write about social media and personal branding online because I have been asked oh so many times as to what inspired my fascination with social media. “Do you ever put that phone down?” “Who even cares about what you post online?” The answers to these questions are simply, yes I do put […]

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